Saturday, 1 October 2011

Ebay Haul!

So, a little while back I once again fell into the Ebay trap and spent an hour too many surfing for bargains. How ever, this time I was smart about it and gave myself a limit of $5.00 and item, sounds pretty good huh? Well then I was finding things all over the place so I needed to limit myself some more, so I came up with the plan of looking through Jewellery that was under $2.00, Free Postage, and of course But it now (who can wait for auctions these days), so here is the majority of what I got

 So in no Particular order (except for the order in which this is written) we have a silver chocker necklace, two dotting tools for my nails, a wooden cross on a faux leather chain, Peacock Feather earrings, a Hamsa Hand Bracelet, a Hamsa Cross Bracelet, Nail polish colour wheels (bargain), House of Harlow Look-a-like Drop Earrings, Patterned Pyramid Earnings, Roman Numeral Hoops, Trio Cross Bangles, Gold and Silver solid bangle and a Look-a-like House of Harlow necklace.
 One of my Favourite, and Most worn Pieces is this Silver Chocker necklace (which was I believe $3.00). This necklace goes with almost everything I wear and is very complimentary. The simple design means it can easily be dressed up or down and makes everything look just a little more classy.
 Another of my Favourite Pieces are these silver Roman Numeral Hoop earrings, which I have been loving wearing to work. Im not one for hoop earrings, but the added detail make them stunning.
 They also sit very nicely on my ears and don't draw too much attention. 

 Something that surprised me with how much I actually like it, was this world map ring, now this is not the most stable, or best quality ring, but it is really nice. The pendant itself is very small which i like about, and the detail is very nice. 
 These earrings where the only thing that I actually had wanted before the day, because I had seen similar ones both on TopShop and in Sportsgirl, but I didn't think they were worth the $16.95 price tag, so, when I saw them for $0.98 I almost jumped for joy! 
 I have developed a crazy obsession with Nail Polish, Nail care and Nail art in the last few months and have wanted to be able to try new things, but I didn't have a dotting tool, so when I saw these two for less then a dollar I was happy to fork out. I also got these Nail Colour wheels, which were less then Two dollars. So keep your eyes open for a Spring Nail Post and a Nail Polish Collection Post with all Swatches in coming months. 
 After I got my House of Harlow Sunglasses, I was in the mood for that Style, so I went ahead and got Look-al-likes of  both a pair of the Earrings and the Statement Necklace. 
 I particularly love the Necklace with is of reasonable quality (although one of the links has broken). it looks so similar to the HOH one that it almost passes off as it. Just after I got this for a whole $2.00 I found out the Sportsgirl is selling a similar design for $29.99. 
 The only thing that was inspired by someone else that I got was these Hamsa Bracelets which were inspired by Barbara From ThePersianBabe on Youtube (, and I Love wearing these, so cute from summer, and no one in Australia has then! 

 And Finally, something I never would have Purchased, but I love it, is this Bullet necklace (on a very Ugly Chain), with Bible Writings on it (in another Language), with a giant cross in the middle. I think it is Lovely, I just  need another Chain. 

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