Sunday, 9 October 2011

Random Questions

Today I had a look at one of the Blogs that had been left in a comment on my page, Named TheMakeUpMuffins and I really liked this Questionnaire that they had on their page, so I thought I would give it a shot.

What are you wearing on your lips today?
Melonade Lipstick By Revlon

What was the last perfume you used?
Sarah Jessica Parker 'Covet' because it is the longest wearing perfume I own, and I needed to smell nice ALL day!

Last thing you bought online? Did you like it?
Technically the last Purchase was my Orofluido Hair oil, I think...But I am currently placing an ASOS order, so yeah, take your pick!

What’s the last musical, opera or play you’ve seen
Techinally it is the Play I am currently a personal Dresser for, Being 'The Dixie Swim Club', But before that it was 'The Fiddler on the Roof'.

One thing displayed/posted on the front of your fridge?
Nothing, My mum wont let us put things on the Front of the Fridge, so it doesn't get scratched. 

If you could redecorate one room at home, which room would it be?
Most Likely the Lounge/Dinning/Kitchen because my Parents house is Open Plan, but im moving out in a few months, so my whole appartment!

Your favorite weeknight quickie meal?
I don't really eat Quickie Meals at home, I either eat mums Cooking, or I cook, and the only Quickie Meals I have is Take-away (naughty I know), But that's when im in a massive hurry!

What’s your least favorite vegetable?
I love my Vegetables, but I dislike Herbs, if that Counts? But probably any frozen Vegetables, I like the fresh stuff. 

When was the last time you took a midday nap?
Not for Quite a while, I don't really sleep in the day at all, unless im extremely tired or really sick, and then I don't sleep at night, so Maybe about 5 or 6 months ago

Have you ever given yourself highlights at home?
Yes I have, I used to do my Own Blonde Highlights, which went really well for about a year, until I let my Friend mix up the Bleach, Big mistake. 

What is your favorite girls names?
Margareet, Ava, Harlow, anything a little bit Feminine and Quirky. Oh im loving Valleraine at the moment.

What is your favorite boys names?
Harley, Edward, Nathaniel, Old Names for boys. 

I’d like to sing/rap a duet with..
Lady Gaga, Who Else! It would be Her and I

I would like to start.. 
My new life in Melbourne now, But i have to wait a little Longer!

Weekly goals:  
To get through this week Alive, Im extremely Busy and Just want to sleep!

Hope you Enjoyed! x


  1. Our blog name is 'Themakeupmuffins' not 'mymakeupmuffin' haha :)

  2. SORRY! I was having a Conversation when I was posting this and must have written what I was saying at the time. Ill fix it now!