Saturday, 30 July 2011

Celebrity Trend ALERT! The Twiggy Lash

 Twiggy, The Iconic Face of the 60's, known for her unconventional look, with short bleached Locks and those intense eyes, what's not to love! in 2011 the Twiggy lash is back, Whether it be to complement a bold top lash line, build up a smoky eye or to stand alone, its here to stay!
 Cheryl Cole, an icon in her own right has been adding a little extra omph to her look of late with extreme lashes. Although this is not an exact copy of the Twiggy look, the thick spidery lashes are the most prominent feature to the eyes, the bold upper lash line is complimented by a similarly styled smoky bottom lash
 Never one to shy away from a strong eye, Kim is all over this look. Although all three Kardashian Sisters have always had strong Lashes to set off there trade make Smoky eye, lately Kim has been taking it to a whole new level. With extreme False lashes on both top and bottom, this full on effect slightly detracts from her beauty, but its KIM KARDASHIAN, what else do we love her for!
Again taking her look a bit far is the always glamorous Katy Perry! This Stronger look is a change from her usual 1950's esc Glam look, to Edge up her style. Strong lashes can make of break a look and i believe the stronger the better, as long as you don't lose you eyebrows while your at it!

Friday, 29 July 2011

Innoxa Skin Moist Triple-Action Cleansing Cream

 Ok so for those who don't know, I have quite dry skin that is prone to Pimples, but also to flaking and cracking and no matter how much I exfoliate and how strong my Moisturisers are, my skin was still dry, Until I found this.

Now I'm not entirely sure how this found its way into my house, it may have been with some things given to me by my auntie that she won and didn't want, but I do know that it can been found and chemists and selected stores and on some online stores.

I use this to remove my make up before I cleanse at night, or if my skin is feeling a tad dry and just needs to soften up, I believe i will also use this as a Gentle Cleanser in summer after the sun,beach or the pool to restore the moisture lost in the heat.

This is a thick creamy consistency that feels like a moisturiser, it doesn't really have a smell but has a clean scent. I think this would be good for any skin type, but if you have dry skin or are using a strong cleansing agent (such as products using Benzyl Peroxide) to clear your skin this would be perfect!

'Cafe Au Lait'-Sally Hansen (Complete Salon Manicure)

  Another Favourite Nail Colour has been 'Cafe Au Lait' By Sally Hansen. This is a rich Browny Nude with a slight Shimmer of Gold.
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Polishes are very opaque (but not cakey) after two coats, They apply very smoothly and without any streaks (although that depends of the applier). I believe these are very very nice nail polishes and should have a much higher reputation to what the have presently, they are reasonably priced and come in a nice rang of colours.
These Nail Polishes Retail for $15.95 but are often on special or are included in deals.

Proactiv...(and I'm back)

Sorry About the Delay in Posts, I've had a pretty full on weak, but I've also got a few exciting things to share with you! so lets go on.

So over Three weeks ago I Ordered Proactiv Solution Online Through Guthy Renker. Now for those who have not heard of Proactiv, it is a skin care system that is made by Rodan and Fields and has been around for a long long time now. Proactiv Contains Benzyl Peroxide as the active Ingredients and This is what gives it its kick.

The way the Routine Works is to First Cleanse with the Cleanser (seen Below) and then, with a cotton Pad Apply the Toner (seen Below), before applying the Repairing Lotion (seen below) with your hands, before applying your Moisturiser.

The way Proactiv is sold is in at first a Trial-one month supply Which includes a 60ml Cleanser, 60ml Toner and a 30ml Repairing Lotion. This set is retailed for $29.95 and then Postage and Handling, which at First Glance seems alright but on the most expansive side, but if you look you will find a good deal. Proactiv Does specific deals with television stations and deals with Celebrity Endorsements, and at the time of Purchase make sure to check for the best deal. The deal I got was the Katy Perry Deal.

 Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser as seen above, are the one Month Trial Sizes, Shown Below with the full 250ml Body Shop Camomile eye make up remover.
 Because i Purchased the Katy Perry Deal i did not only receive the Three step program, i Also Received a Trial Size of many of their other products in s travel set, and the 'Doctors book of Secrets'.
 The Travel Set includes a 60ml Deep Cleansing Wash, a 1 o.z Refining Mask, a 10ml Green tea Moisturiser and 5 make up removing Facial Wipes. I believe this to be a very good deal as there is enough of each product to try without the commitment and i mean, its free.
So far I am Quite Liking this Program and have had no reaction, redness or dryness which can be a common occurrence from using these products. Saying that I do not wish to put you off trying this unless you do not need to use it or you have very sensitive skin as it is quite rough! I plan on keeping you in the loop as far as this goes because as im interested, im sure you are too!

(DISCLAIMER- all products shown were purchased with my own money, and were in no way gifted by the company, all opinions expressed are my own and have no way been influenced by the company or any outside party's)

Monday, 25 July 2011

The Body Shop - Camomile Gentle eye Make up Remover

The Body Shop - Camomile Gentle eye Make up Remover

I've been on the hunt for a good eye make up remover for a while now and I was looking for specific qualities. I have used mostly cream formulas in the past and to my dismay, my eyes have reacted. Now I don't have sensitive skin, or eyes for that matter, but my eyes tend to get sore and red from talking off my make up ( and i dont scrub at them), so i was excited to try a thinner formula.

So i First purchased this almost two months ago in the 60ml size just to give it a shot, i honestly didn't expect miracles, so i was extremely happy when i found that it worked, wonderfully, and so i didnt just use it up and look for something new, i have purchased the  250ml and cant wait for it to arrive.

RRP for the 60ml is $6.95
RRP for the 250ml is $18.95

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Weekly TopShop Rap 25/07/2011

So Its been a bit of a struggle when I have been deciding on what to display on my Blog as far as things that are avaliable to as many people as possible, and what better place then Topshop.

All Items can be Found at

When I First saw these I almost died, These are the ultimate all year rounder- all occassion Appropriate Boots (well in my humble opinion). The fully enclosed, slightly higher then the ankle make of the boot make them Winter Weather friendly, but dressed with a high waisted short or a ballerina skirt would definatly make them spring worthy wonderful. The Jewel red tone is strong but is here to stay.

Now these stunning Pastel Wide Leg Trousers are my choice of a Winter alternative to a maxi skirt. In Winter
it can be a bit to cold to wear a skirt (even be it a wollen Maxi), so why not try a Maxi Trouser? I mean, what do you have to lose.

Now im a sucker for a strong collar and this geometric-chic peice ad's class and power to any look. Black, White or a Mix of Colours this is sure to Stand out anytime of day.

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week Nails!

Now im sure you all know that not too long ago now RAFW was on, and as well as demonstrating some AH-MAZ-ING Australia Fashions and Wonderful Designers, one thing that was picked up on was the Nail Trends. Now i've always been a fan of a good Nail Trend and im sure its not too late in the season for a Winter/RAFW Nail Trend.

The Trend that was a Major feature this season was a Lovely mix of Deep Gun metal Greys to Dark and Dirty mix of Grey's and Beige's and No matter what they were shown with, they never failed to Delight.

 At Camila and Marc a Gorgeous Pale Grey Beige was an outstanding feature against the beautiful Jewel Toned Materials that were on display.

 Fernando Frisoni's Oyester Toned, Matching Hands and feet brought the whole looks together on what was other wise a very Monochromatic Palette.
 Kate Sylvester Dirtied up her Collection with a strong smokey eye which was complimented by the just as  strong metalic gun-metal grey nail polish.
Kate Sylvester added a more excentric look to the runway and managed to bring the outrageously stylish henna Tattoo's to a Pinnacle with the slightly smokey Beige.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

My Photo's

So I Feel like this Blog has consisted of a whole lot of writing and only a few pictures and lets be honest people look at Blog's to see the pictures and if something catchers their eyes the read on, so I feel that i need to ad some Pictures to this to make it Prettier. So here are a few of my Photo's...
 So this is a photo I took of two of my wonderful friends Haley and Ashlea, based on a 1920's Burlesque House when the shows not on. 
 This is a Photograph of another one of my Wonderful Friends Hannah who I shot with quite a while ago now, This Shoot was part of a Campaign I was putting together that demonstrated T-shirts. (Hannah wears 'Rolling Stones' shirt from Target) 
 This is a Photograph of my Little sister Angie, This was taken as a beauty shot as a part of a series. I was lucky enough to win a Talent Contest with this lovely Image!
 And Finally this is again a photo of my little sister Angie for a School Project which was to put together a Campaign (of which I chose a Jewellery line)

Thank you for Looking!

Friday, 22 July 2011

The Battle of the CHEAP hair Mousse

Ok so as I do not live in the Northern Hemisphere it is WINTER (yay) Which means dry skin, no drinking enough water and of course the infamous frizzy hair.

Now I wouldnt say I have overly frizzy hair or even that my hair reacts badly in winter but the one thing I find is a dramatic increase in fly a ways, and for some reason this season it has been particularly bad so I was looking for the answer.

In Winter I always used a Mousse but for some reason it had just slipped my mind so I decided to borrow my Sisters, and as its me, it sparked the idea to find a very good, cheap mousse.

 (Left to Right) Taft by Schwarzkopf Volume Mousse Hold Four, Taft by Schwarzkopf Styling Mousse Hold Four, Herbal Essence by Clairol Tousel me Softly

This is the Mousse I was using of my sisters which is the Taft Volume Mousse by Schwarzkopf. This i found is a wonderful mousse to give volume and lift to the lengths of my hair, but I feel it didn't build up my roots terribly well. This is not a good Mousse if you are going to 'style' your hair, but in fact is a terrific Mousse if you are going to curl or straighten your hair. I Found after use I have minimal fly a ways and the curls (or the straight) hold really well, and I do not need to apply and hair spray.

The second Mousse I have tried this season is the Taft by Schwarzkopf Styling Mousse. I was attracted to this because it had a reasonably strong hold rating and the fact that I had previously liked other Taft products. I first tried to use this Mousse in the same way I was using the previous one but had no success, my hair became hard to manage after a day and was not nice to feel at all. I found I had no fly a ways and the kinks that my hair had stayed perfectly in place, so I decided to try it when I was styling my hair. I found that after straightening my hair and back-combing the top to create a very sleek high pony tale, my hair look shiny, smooth and held in place wonderfully.
This is the last Mousse I purchased only about a month ago, it is the Tousle me Softly by Herbal Essence by Clairol. This Mousse has been advertised as a curling product that gives you natural waves, My friend love this product and it makes her hair lovely and bouncy, but when it came to me, it did nothing! And when i say nothing I mean as far as what it said it would do. After using the hold one Mousse I found my hair was soft, manageable and very very smooth, this is the mousse I use for day to day use.

I hope this has helped you choose what CHEAP mousse you would like to use, let me know if you have a good mousse to try!

'Covet' - Sarah Jessica Parker

So I've been a big fan of 'Lovely' also by SJP for a long time, and I really don't Believe her fragrances smell at all like Celebrity Fragrances, Saying that, I've been hesitant to try other fragrances by celebrity's because I feel like they are not greatly thought about, but instead a heap of scents have just been thrown in together (enough with the rant). 

So you can Imagine My surprise when I discovered how much I LOVED 'Covet'.

The first time I smelt this perfume was in a small Pharmacy in Melbourne whilst waiting for my friend, and as you do, I was browsing. So after smelling a few perfumes in the range I Picked up the attractive bottle with a not so attractive green colour Liquid and (due to the lack of testing sheets) I sprayed it into the air, Now I almost chocked, I HATED IT, absolutely hated it, I thought it was far to citrusy, far to light and most of all, far to Alcohol-ish (if that's even a word), So we left and continued on our way. About fifteen minutes later we were about to get on a train (as you do in Melbourne) and I went to brush my hair back behind my ear, and to my amazement a heavenly scent wafted off my sleeve and I almost died, I was in LOVE

So I went a bought it when I got home and was lucky enough to buy it for just $20 (for 100ml) in an unboxed perfume sale, Although the RRP is $69.99 in Australia.

Now... when this scent settles into the skin it transforms from a not so pleasant intensive spicy cirtusy scent to a Warm base of darker and heavier scents, composed of cashmere wood, musk and heavier woods with a light touch of Amber. The Floral Fragrances of Geraniums, Lavender and the Hearty tones of Honeysuckle, Magnolia and Lily are still very much present but the warm musk becomes the true scent.

Like any perfume, please try it for yourself because I believe this scent is something that is very specific to the individual and of course it will change due to the oils in your skin.

This is a very Bold statement perfume that has extraordinary staying power ( it will last all day, all night and all the  next day)

I hope you have enjoyed this review!

'Gilty Pleasure' - Sally Hansen (Complete Salon Manicure)

I promise this will be a quick one

'Gilty Pleasure' has been a favourite of mine since the moment I got it, It is a Gold Small Particle Glitter Polish with very strong silver undertones.

I have included two images in different lights in the hope that both the Gold and Strong silver undertones. (The Silver can be seen a lot stronger in the top images)

I find that this polish is very Opaque after a single coat but after a second coat the shimmer very much settles into a much more wearable shade.

I wear this colour to dress up a very Plain outfit in the evening or as an alternative to a nude, as on my skin the  reflects aren't to over the top and I feel it just slightly ads to a day time look.

Go to Winter OPI nail colours

First and Foremost, welcome to my very first actual post, I'm very excited!
At this stage I really just wanted to get something up to be seen, although I am still very much working on the set up of this Blog, so here we go!

Here are my four Favorite Winter shades by OPI

In order we have 'Ski Teal we Drop', 'Russian Navy', 'William Tell me about OPI' and 'Just a Little Rosti at this'
(the end two are showing up a tad washed out due to the poor quality of the camera used)

I have Chosen these four shades for my go to winter polishes as i believe with just these colour's you would be set for any occasion thrown your way.

'Ski Teal we Drop' is a semi washed out teal with strong blue undertones, there is no shimmer which makes it a very suitable polish for all occasions and times of day. I do find that this shade is very susceptible to variations in colour due to skin tone, Lighting and clothing, so for these reasons please try before you buy to see if it matches your skin tone, and I also find it a challenge to dress to suit the polish. I generally use this colour to brighten up an outfit as i find it best works with Black and White in Winter, Although as this is a new polish to myself i am looking forward to transferring it to a spring shade with pastel colours and other nail ideas.

'Russian Navy' is one of my All time favourite colour's and it just so happens to be my favourite Winter Shade as well. This is a very shimmery Polish with undertones of a Slightly Lighter Blue and Teal, although these do not show through very strongly, This I believe is a shade that will suit every skin tone and is easy to dress accordingly. I have very fair skin and I find although there is a strong Contrast it is not like wearing a black polish. I think that both gold and silver Jewellery could be worn with this Polish although I would withhold from bronze colours.

'William Tell me about OPI' is a rich, warm Maroon-Purple That warms up any outfit. There is no Shimmer, and applies very opaque. I feel that this polish would compliment Lighter skin tones as it is a very muddy polish (which I rather like) and might only show off a slight purple tone. I personally like wearing this polish any time as an alternative to a Red, as I find true Reds can come off a little too Harsh with my Pale skin, but this muted colour is very complimentary. I find this colour can be worn with almost every colour but I would suggest being careful with prints.

And Finally....

'Just a Little Rosti at This' is a deep muted, Red. Like 'William tell me about OPI' I like this colour as an alternative to a True red as I find it can wash me out. Again this Polish has no Shimmer, But looks very little like it does in the photo, instead it is a deep Red, not a pale washed out Red (Sorry about that). I believe this colour would translate onto many different skin tones and would be very complimentary to both fair and very dark skin tones, though a general tan might make the colour a little understated. Although I don't wear this colour as often as I wish I did I still feel it is a very important Winter Favourite to have when it comes to dressing up an out fit!

Sorry that was such a long post, ill try and work on shortening them a bit, but a least it was very informative.


Monday, 18 July 2011


Hello Everyone and welcome to my very first blog post.

I thought id take this post out to introduce myself and explain what this Blog is dedicated to and what i wish to achieve through it

so lets begin......Hello my name is Zeeta and I am 19 Years old, i have a very strong passion for many things, which include Fashion, Beauty, make up, Photography, Design, Interior Design and a range of other things. Due to a range of factors I am at my wits end not being able to express myself so I have decided to dedicate a Blog to everything me.

I hope that I can get in contact with wonderful people who share my passions and expand my knowledge in this area.

This Blog will Feature an array of things such as reviews, OOTD (Outfit of the Day), Stylist Shoots, My personal photo shoots, Close friends and Budding artsist work, tutorial videos and an array of other things.

At this stage Im working on getting everything running and don't expect anything drastic (but we can only hope), But i am greatly looking forward to beginning this, thank you so much for looking and i hope you come back again,

Zeeta x