Friday, 29 July 2011

Innoxa Skin Moist Triple-Action Cleansing Cream

 Ok so for those who don't know, I have quite dry skin that is prone to Pimples, but also to flaking and cracking and no matter how much I exfoliate and how strong my Moisturisers are, my skin was still dry, Until I found this.

Now I'm not entirely sure how this found its way into my house, it may have been with some things given to me by my auntie that she won and didn't want, but I do know that it can been found and chemists and selected stores and on some online stores.

I use this to remove my make up before I cleanse at night, or if my skin is feeling a tad dry and just needs to soften up, I believe i will also use this as a Gentle Cleanser in summer after the sun,beach or the pool to restore the moisture lost in the heat.

This is a thick creamy consistency that feels like a moisturiser, it doesn't really have a smell but has a clean scent. I think this would be good for any skin type, but if you have dry skin or are using a strong cleansing agent (such as products using Benzyl Peroxide) to clear your skin this would be perfect!

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