Friday, 22 July 2011

'Covet' - Sarah Jessica Parker

So I've been a big fan of 'Lovely' also by SJP for a long time, and I really don't Believe her fragrances smell at all like Celebrity Fragrances, Saying that, I've been hesitant to try other fragrances by celebrity's because I feel like they are not greatly thought about, but instead a heap of scents have just been thrown in together (enough with the rant). 

So you can Imagine My surprise when I discovered how much I LOVED 'Covet'.

The first time I smelt this perfume was in a small Pharmacy in Melbourne whilst waiting for my friend, and as you do, I was browsing. So after smelling a few perfumes in the range I Picked up the attractive bottle with a not so attractive green colour Liquid and (due to the lack of testing sheets) I sprayed it into the air, Now I almost chocked, I HATED IT, absolutely hated it, I thought it was far to citrusy, far to light and most of all, far to Alcohol-ish (if that's even a word), So we left and continued on our way. About fifteen minutes later we were about to get on a train (as you do in Melbourne) and I went to brush my hair back behind my ear, and to my amazement a heavenly scent wafted off my sleeve and I almost died, I was in LOVE

So I went a bought it when I got home and was lucky enough to buy it for just $20 (for 100ml) in an unboxed perfume sale, Although the RRP is $69.99 in Australia.

Now... when this scent settles into the skin it transforms from a not so pleasant intensive spicy cirtusy scent to a Warm base of darker and heavier scents, composed of cashmere wood, musk and heavier woods with a light touch of Amber. The Floral Fragrances of Geraniums, Lavender and the Hearty tones of Honeysuckle, Magnolia and Lily are still very much present but the warm musk becomes the true scent.

Like any perfume, please try it for yourself because I believe this scent is something that is very specific to the individual and of course it will change due to the oils in your skin.

This is a very Bold statement perfume that has extraordinary staying power ( it will last all day, all night and all the  next day)

I hope you have enjoyed this review!

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