Saturday, 23 July 2011

My Photo's

So I Feel like this Blog has consisted of a whole lot of writing and only a few pictures and lets be honest people look at Blog's to see the pictures and if something catchers their eyes the read on, so I feel that i need to ad some Pictures to this to make it Prettier. So here are a few of my Photo's...
 So this is a photo I took of two of my wonderful friends Haley and Ashlea, based on a 1920's Burlesque House when the shows not on. 
 This is a Photograph of another one of my Wonderful Friends Hannah who I shot with quite a while ago now, This Shoot was part of a Campaign I was putting together that demonstrated T-shirts. (Hannah wears 'Rolling Stones' shirt from Target) 
 This is a Photograph of my Little sister Angie, This was taken as a beauty shot as a part of a series. I was lucky enough to win a Talent Contest with this lovely Image!
 And Finally this is again a photo of my little sister Angie for a School Project which was to put together a Campaign (of which I chose a Jewellery line)

Thank you for Looking!

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