Friday, 22 July 2011

Go to Winter OPI nail colours

First and Foremost, welcome to my very first actual post, I'm very excited!
At this stage I really just wanted to get something up to be seen, although I am still very much working on the set up of this Blog, so here we go!

Here are my four Favorite Winter shades by OPI

In order we have 'Ski Teal we Drop', 'Russian Navy', 'William Tell me about OPI' and 'Just a Little Rosti at this'
(the end two are showing up a tad washed out due to the poor quality of the camera used)

I have Chosen these four shades for my go to winter polishes as i believe with just these colour's you would be set for any occasion thrown your way.

'Ski Teal we Drop' is a semi washed out teal with strong blue undertones, there is no shimmer which makes it a very suitable polish for all occasions and times of day. I do find that this shade is very susceptible to variations in colour due to skin tone, Lighting and clothing, so for these reasons please try before you buy to see if it matches your skin tone, and I also find it a challenge to dress to suit the polish. I generally use this colour to brighten up an outfit as i find it best works with Black and White in Winter, Although as this is a new polish to myself i am looking forward to transferring it to a spring shade with pastel colours and other nail ideas.

'Russian Navy' is one of my All time favourite colour's and it just so happens to be my favourite Winter Shade as well. This is a very shimmery Polish with undertones of a Slightly Lighter Blue and Teal, although these do not show through very strongly, This I believe is a shade that will suit every skin tone and is easy to dress accordingly. I have very fair skin and I find although there is a strong Contrast it is not like wearing a black polish. I think that both gold and silver Jewellery could be worn with this Polish although I would withhold from bronze colours.

'William Tell me about OPI' is a rich, warm Maroon-Purple That warms up any outfit. There is no Shimmer, and applies very opaque. I feel that this polish would compliment Lighter skin tones as it is a very muddy polish (which I rather like) and might only show off a slight purple tone. I personally like wearing this polish any time as an alternative to a Red, as I find true Reds can come off a little too Harsh with my Pale skin, but this muted colour is very complimentary. I find this colour can be worn with almost every colour but I would suggest being careful with prints.

And Finally....

'Just a Little Rosti at This' is a deep muted, Red. Like 'William tell me about OPI' I like this colour as an alternative to a True red as I find it can wash me out. Again this Polish has no Shimmer, But looks very little like it does in the photo, instead it is a deep Red, not a pale washed out Red (Sorry about that). I believe this colour would translate onto many different skin tones and would be very complimentary to both fair and very dark skin tones, though a general tan might make the colour a little understated. Although I don't wear this colour as often as I wish I did I still feel it is a very important Winter Favourite to have when it comes to dressing up an out fit!

Sorry that was such a long post, ill try and work on shortening them a bit, but a least it was very informative.


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