Friday, 29 July 2011

Proactiv...(and I'm back)

Sorry About the Delay in Posts, I've had a pretty full on weak, but I've also got a few exciting things to share with you! so lets go on.

So over Three weeks ago I Ordered Proactiv Solution Online Through Guthy Renker. Now for those who have not heard of Proactiv, it is a skin care system that is made by Rodan and Fields and has been around for a long long time now. Proactiv Contains Benzyl Peroxide as the active Ingredients and This is what gives it its kick.

The way the Routine Works is to First Cleanse with the Cleanser (seen Below) and then, with a cotton Pad Apply the Toner (seen Below), before applying the Repairing Lotion (seen below) with your hands, before applying your Moisturiser.

The way Proactiv is sold is in at first a Trial-one month supply Which includes a 60ml Cleanser, 60ml Toner and a 30ml Repairing Lotion. This set is retailed for $29.95 and then Postage and Handling, which at First Glance seems alright but on the most expansive side, but if you look you will find a good deal. Proactiv Does specific deals with television stations and deals with Celebrity Endorsements, and at the time of Purchase make sure to check for the best deal. The deal I got was the Katy Perry Deal.

 Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser as seen above, are the one Month Trial Sizes, Shown Below with the full 250ml Body Shop Camomile eye make up remover.
 Because i Purchased the Katy Perry Deal i did not only receive the Three step program, i Also Received a Trial Size of many of their other products in s travel set, and the 'Doctors book of Secrets'.
 The Travel Set includes a 60ml Deep Cleansing Wash, a 1 o.z Refining Mask, a 10ml Green tea Moisturiser and 5 make up removing Facial Wipes. I believe this to be a very good deal as there is enough of each product to try without the commitment and i mean, its free.
So far I am Quite Liking this Program and have had no reaction, redness or dryness which can be a common occurrence from using these products. Saying that I do not wish to put you off trying this unless you do not need to use it or you have very sensitive skin as it is quite rough! I plan on keeping you in the loop as far as this goes because as im interested, im sure you are too!

(DISCLAIMER- all products shown were purchased with my own money, and were in no way gifted by the company, all opinions expressed are my own and have no way been influenced by the company or any outside party's)

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