Saturday, 30 July 2011

Celebrity Trend ALERT! The Twiggy Lash

 Twiggy, The Iconic Face of the 60's, known for her unconventional look, with short bleached Locks and those intense eyes, what's not to love! in 2011 the Twiggy lash is back, Whether it be to complement a bold top lash line, build up a smoky eye or to stand alone, its here to stay!
 Cheryl Cole, an icon in her own right has been adding a little extra omph to her look of late with extreme lashes. Although this is not an exact copy of the Twiggy look, the thick spidery lashes are the most prominent feature to the eyes, the bold upper lash line is complimented by a similarly styled smoky bottom lash
 Never one to shy away from a strong eye, Kim is all over this look. Although all three Kardashian Sisters have always had strong Lashes to set off there trade make Smoky eye, lately Kim has been taking it to a whole new level. With extreme False lashes on both top and bottom, this full on effect slightly detracts from her beauty, but its KIM KARDASHIAN, what else do we love her for!
Again taking her look a bit far is the always glamorous Katy Perry! This Stronger look is a change from her usual 1950's esc Glam look, to Edge up her style. Strong lashes can make of break a look and i believe the stronger the better, as long as you don't lose you eyebrows while your at it!

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