Friday, 22 July 2011

The Battle of the CHEAP hair Mousse

Ok so as I do not live in the Northern Hemisphere it is WINTER (yay) Which means dry skin, no drinking enough water and of course the infamous frizzy hair.

Now I wouldnt say I have overly frizzy hair or even that my hair reacts badly in winter but the one thing I find is a dramatic increase in fly a ways, and for some reason this season it has been particularly bad so I was looking for the answer.

In Winter I always used a Mousse but for some reason it had just slipped my mind so I decided to borrow my Sisters, and as its me, it sparked the idea to find a very good, cheap mousse.

 (Left to Right) Taft by Schwarzkopf Volume Mousse Hold Four, Taft by Schwarzkopf Styling Mousse Hold Four, Herbal Essence by Clairol Tousel me Softly

This is the Mousse I was using of my sisters which is the Taft Volume Mousse by Schwarzkopf. This i found is a wonderful mousse to give volume and lift to the lengths of my hair, but I feel it didn't build up my roots terribly well. This is not a good Mousse if you are going to 'style' your hair, but in fact is a terrific Mousse if you are going to curl or straighten your hair. I Found after use I have minimal fly a ways and the curls (or the straight) hold really well, and I do not need to apply and hair spray.

The second Mousse I have tried this season is the Taft by Schwarzkopf Styling Mousse. I was attracted to this because it had a reasonably strong hold rating and the fact that I had previously liked other Taft products. I first tried to use this Mousse in the same way I was using the previous one but had no success, my hair became hard to manage after a day and was not nice to feel at all. I found I had no fly a ways and the kinks that my hair had stayed perfectly in place, so I decided to try it when I was styling my hair. I found that after straightening my hair and back-combing the top to create a very sleek high pony tale, my hair look shiny, smooth and held in place wonderfully.
This is the last Mousse I purchased only about a month ago, it is the Tousle me Softly by Herbal Essence by Clairol. This Mousse has been advertised as a curling product that gives you natural waves, My friend love this product and it makes her hair lovely and bouncy, but when it came to me, it did nothing! And when i say nothing I mean as far as what it said it would do. After using the hold one Mousse I found my hair was soft, manageable and very very smooth, this is the mousse I use for day to day use.

I hope this has helped you choose what CHEAP mousse you would like to use, let me know if you have a good mousse to try!

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