Monday, 28 November 2011

Cheap but not so Nasty!

 Being Australian, I have found it a bit tricky to find both 'High' end and 'Low' end products or dupes for products that are always recommended, so I decided I was going to find Cheap products that I believe are of a decent quality, of course they aren't perfect, but at that price, what the hell!

The first Palette I want to talk about is by Elf, this brand is international (Im not entirely sure where they retail besides the UK). Elf touched down in Australia a few months back and is now available in most Advantage Pharmacy and a few select retailers. 

I have tried a few Elf products and I have either Loved or Hated them so I was curious to Try their eye shadows. Most of the eye Shadows retail for $3.99 like most of the products, But the Palettes are a much better deal. I found the Elf 'Beauty Encyclopaedia-Neutrals Edition' for just $6.99 (RRP $9.99).

This Palette contains 12 Neutral eye Shadows, with both matte's and shimmers. All of the colours are wearable. The quality of each shadow does vary, to my dissapointment, with 4 of the shadows having very low pigmentation, and not being easy to get on a brush. My personal Favourites are taupe matte colour on the top, second from the right, shimmery rose/bronze colour second row on the right, the shimmery taupe bottom row, second from the left. and the deep plum in the bottom right hand colour. ( sorry, they don't have names).

These shadows blend reasonable well and don't crease at all. 

The packaging is ok, its set out for beginners, which is what you expect from such a cheap brand, it is sturdy and the magnets that hold the from on are good quality.

The next Palette is, I believe, an Australian only brand (sorry). BYS is a brand that has been around for some time, and it currently undertaking in a make over. It is very cheap and mainly available in discount and $2 shops (sorry if you from anywhere else and don't understand the reference). Over the last few months I sucked it up and decided to try some of their products (after a whole lot of hassle from my friend), and I have had some luck with my purchases.

This Palette is again a Mainly Neutrals Palette, All shimmers, which can make it tricky. The Palette, I believe Retails for $15.99 but I was lucky enough to find it on special for $9.99. The Palette is made up of 18 colours, so you get your moneys worth in range. Varying from rich Plums to Burnt Oranges, Through Gold's, Rose's, Olives and Taupe's, and Ranging shades, there is a colour for every look and every skin tone. 

Unlike the Elf Palette, the quality of these shadow is held across board, They are very highly pigmented and very easy to blend (which is great if you find the shimmer too harsh). I find myself reaching for this Palette to create three specific looks. The First is a Brown Smoky eye, in which I tend to only use the Rich Brown in the top right hand corner, it is a very nice warm colour which blend amazingly. I often use the Rose Champagne colour second from the left on the bottom row all over my lid to brighten up my eye, and then blend some of the Plum tone in the top right hand corner through my crease. I also use the Pale Champagne Gold colour fourth from the right on the top row to Brighten up my eyes, mainly on a night out.

These shadows can be a little chalky but don't crease at all. 

 I have swatches all of the Shadows on a Piece of paper so they all have the same base, below. They are arranged are they are seen in the Palettes, with the top 12 being from the Elf Palette and the Bottom 18 From the BYS Palette. 

I hope this is somewhat informal to People in Australia and Over sea's and you enjoyed this post. 

Hope you have a Lovely day! X

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