Saturday, 26 November 2011

Christmas Treats: A Little Leomany Christmas Wreath

Hello My Dears, Now I know it may be a bit early to do a Christmas treats post, but I really wanted to get this up, and this way you can try it out well before D-Day!
So Here is the recipe for my Favourite Little Lemonany Christmas Wreaths.

1 3/4 Cup Self Raising Flower
1/3 Cup Caster Sugar
60 Grams Butter
1 1/2 Tablespoons Butter
1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Essence
1 Egg
1/2 cup Icing sugar
1-2 Lemons

 First Empty the Flower into a medium Sized Bowl (sturdy), Add the butter, as you can see I have Softened it slightly (not melted) and cut it into small chunks, so its easier to use.
Using you hands, begin to work the butter through the Flour, until it becomes the consistency of Bread Crumbs. This is messy so make sure you wash your hands and are prepared.
 After you have finished that, Combine the Caster sugar and the Milk in a Small Saucepan and on a low heat, simmer until all of the sugar has dissolved. This shouldn't take more then a few minutes, and be careful not to burn/caramelise it, that's not right. 
 Next combine the Sugar/Milk mix with the Bread crumb like mixture, as well as the egg and the Vanilla Essence. Start by mixing it with a spoon, but you will find that it thickens up a lot, at which stage you will need to work the mixture with your hands. 
 Make a large ball of the mixture and remove it from the bowl, I place a small amount of flour on the board I am about to use to stop it sticking. Next take two small balls of the mixture and roll them in your hands until they are some what even. You will also need to grease a try at this point. 

 Roll the two Balls out to create two long skinny strings, these need not be even in width, but even in length. Once you have done this, place the bottom tip of the inner strand (the one furthest away from you) on top of the other strand.
 Very Gently work the very tip together so that the base it combined and it makes a V shape. 

Now on to the fun part. Take the Outter strand (the one closest to you) and place it on the other side of the inner strand.
 Place the strand you are holding down on the Board, making something like a right angle( so the wrap is even). Next take the strand closest to you and again place it on the other side of the other strand, continue this  on.
 Keep working all the way around and you will notice that it will start to take shape.
 Now you must join the two edges up to create the Wreath. Take the bottom strand and simply join it to the V shaped section, on the end, working it till its even, then you must take the top strand, and place it across the now joined ends, until it is sitting somewhat in the middle. Gently work the final edge into the middle so it is joined nicely. 
 Now for the Lemony bit! Combine the Icing sugar and the juice from the lemons in a bowl and mix it with a fork so there are no lumps. Dont worry about pips because they will not be picked up but the Biscuits. 
 Place the Wreaths on a tray, 5 or 6 on a tray is enough, so they cook evenly. They only need less then 5 minutes (until they are golden) in the oven and 180c. Watch the closely so they don't burn. 
 Remove the Wreaths from the oven and immediately place them in the lemon juice, one by one, dip both sides in the Glaze, and them place the on a plate to cool. They will need about half and hour to cool completely. (sorry about the burnt bottom, I completely forgot to photograph this part and when I remembered I had slightly burnt the bottom of the only one left.) 
Once they are cooled they are ready to eat! This recipe makes around 18 give or take. These are a stunning and delicious Christmas food. Try making them in different sizes for a varied look, stack them up or wrap them up, everyone will love this little treat.

I hope you enjoyed this, and have a good day! 


  1. I'll have to try these, and I definitely like your idea of stacking them - I'll find something creative to do!

  2. Please do. Im really excited to here what other people do!