Friday, 2 September 2011

Magical Moment

I need to share the most extraordinary thing that just happened to me with you. I was just Listening to Lady Gaga's Born this way Album (because I am a fan), and when I got to the last page, which I hadn't read previously and turned it over a whole pile of glitter came whirling out around me from with in the pages, and it was just so amazing, the sun was warm and glowing and the sky was literally sparkling, and as I read on I found the most amazing and sincere dedication i have ever read, so I hope to share the beauty of this message with you all. So from the last page of the booklet from Lady Gaga's Born this way Album we have

" I would like to thank The Road, The Highway and the wind in my Hair as we surged down the freeway of life. I would like to thank little monsters, most of all, for their loyalty, commitment and bravery to my artistry. Fernando, Paul and Dave Russell; the Labor of love and blood fight you put into every moment and sounds of the music is a true testament toy your brilliance, and my gratitude to you is eternal. You are the brothers I never had, you are a breed of epic kindness and genius that I am blessed to witness and b a part of. The Banditios will love on in the memory of gas station disco, and late nights with whiskey and strange Tequila music. Thank you to Vincent Herbert, for always believeing in me and protecting my vision. Thank you to troy Carter for being the warrior leading my darkness into the light. To Laurie Ann Gibson for nurturing me with her wisdom, and pushing me to believe in myself and become the words of this album. Thank you to Redone for my first true experience with magic in this business, You and I share a chemistry that will live on. To Jimmy Iovine for being my New York Partner in Crime. To the Haus of Gaga: Nicola, you are my kindred, without you I cannot be free. Starlight, we it through fire together, now lets make some more flames, you are a real friend. Frederick and Tara, your harness and inspire me at the most critical time: when I'm looking in the mirror  Thank your for reminding me that I can do anything. Todd, Thank you for your commitment to my art direction . Brandon and Anna, you are my fashion rainbows, Semiprecious Weapons thank you for letting me open for you years ago, and for opening for me now. You inspire me. Wendi and Sonja, thank you got helping me through all the late nights and helping me surge through. Bo and Arianna thank you for always being true friends. To my Family and the Cast of Monsterball, and all the crew who makes it happen ( then she names a heap of other people). I truly believe this album is as important to all of you as it is to me. Thank you everyone for believing in me

To Mum, Dad, and Natali. You are my strength. Our Love is unbreakable "tonight I will return, the fame and riches earned, with you I'd watch them all be burned

And to Grandpa Germanotta, who padded The Edge of his Glory"

She is such and inspiration to all, and if all the dramatics inst your thing, the just understand that inspiration doesn't have to be superficial, how sincere can someone be in there life, it is a true understanding and a true belief!

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