Sunday, 4 September 2011

Nutrimetics: Soul Renewal Review

Hello Everyone, hope your all well. Just before I head out into this beautiful weather we are having here in Victoria I thought I had better get this post up which I have been extremely slow at doing. I would like to introduce you to the Nutrimetics Soul Renewal hand polish. 

I Purchased this Product from a Nutrimetics Party my Neighbour threw and have done a post on the other things I Bought, so click HERE for that.  And I feel this is the one really exciting Product! 

This is a hand scrub that is meant to give you salon perfected hands at home, without the hassle, and the long treatments. 
As you can see it comes in a large container with what appears to be not a whole lot of product in it, but in actual fact they up size the container so you can mix in the product as it separates into like a sugar consistency and a thinner watery consistency. So firstly you have to mix it in with a spatula.
When your first open the container it doesn't look very nice at all, it almost looks like a very old nail polish when it has separated and it just not very nice, but on the other had, it smells glorious. To me the scent of this epitomises summer and it just makes me happy. There is a strong Pineapple/Coconut scent which to me smells like Malibu, but if you haven't smelt Malibu, it is also like the Carmella Perfume from Benefit. 
Im not sure how well the image is showing up but the second picture is before it has been mixed and the third is after it has been mixed, to a thicker, nicer consistency. 
As you can see it is quite thick, and rich in consistency. It reminds me of any old body or hand scrub except for the fact that it contains essential oils that make it much smoother to apply to your hands. The way I use it, as directed on the packaging, it to first mix the separated product together before removing a small amount (as seen above) with my had. I have dry hands. I rub the product all over my hands for 2-3 minutes. I then wash of the remaining product in Luke warm water, and pat dry my hands. it is important not to use hot water as it is not good for the softened skin. 
You must also be careful to pat dry your hands, because you are left with a layer of oil that will absorb into the softened skin, and make you hands extremely soft, but if you rub the oils off, you will not get the full result.
(sorry about the bad nails, I was in a hurry)
As you can see, your hands will look shiny for a while (about 20 minutes for me) and I refrain from touching to many things to give it time, so I would say use the product at night time, before bed. 

I believe I paid around $15 for this, which is well worth it, although it was on special. To view the Nutrimetics range click HERE.

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