Sunday, 21 August 2011


So recently my Friend held a Nutrimetics Party at her house, and who can turn down the chance to try products and have some fun! So I went Along and got to trial a few of there Products and have a look at all the kits available.

Now for those who don't know what Nutrimetics it, it is a make up/ Beauty Company brought to Australia in the  late sixties, and since then, it has sky rocketed (it is available internationally quite readily). 

I personally have known about Nutrimetics for a long time, but always thought that it was more a company for older women, who are still the target demographic, but I was surprised to find a few things that I was very interested in trying.

The First thing I took and interest in was the Soul Renewal Tahiti Reviving Hand Polish. this is the only thing I am yet to use because I simply have not had time. But I did have the pleasure if trailing a different formulation of this product which I loved, I will do a full review on this product in the near future. It smell very tropical, pineapple and and coconut (if you have ever smelled Malibu and Pineapple Juice then you will know what I am talking about) 
 The next Thing I thought would be worth the money was the Nutrimetics Hydafinity Perfecting hand Therapy with Sunscreen and Myrrh Extract. Now Im all about trying hand creams, I have Generally Dry skin and had sections on my hands that dry out very easily. So when this Was shown to me as a quick Absorbent Hand Cream I was up to give it a go. This is the only product that that I have used every day since I got it and I love it. The cream is thicker then I expected which means it is more Moisturising, but it absorbs in minutes. I love this! The Scent is a very Clean Neutral Smell, that I dont love, don't had, but it doesn't linger so it doesn't matter. I highly Recommend this Product. 
 Recently I ran out of my Inika Pure Primer (Blog Post Linked HERE) and so for a few days I went without a primer, which I hated! And when I saw that Nutrimetics Had a face Primer, I thought, Why Not?. This was the best bargain of the day, as it was only $16, for a Primer, so good, Although the RRP is $29.99. The Product size is 50ml, or 1.69fl. Ounce, which is a decent amount for your money as well. I have Used this Twice and have felt that my make up has stayed on well, and that there was not problems with it, although I will have to keep you posted as to the long term effects of this product!
 While I was Flicking through the Many Catalogs, I couldn't Resist buy a few soaps. I know Soap is not a very exciting thing to purchase but these are wonderful. The range of products these soaps belong to is the botanical range, which has a large range of fruity scents. I chose two Exfoliating soaps to try as it is comming up to spring and it time to get the arms and legs out, and lets face it, they need a little work. The scents i Chose are the Tangerine (orange) and the Red Apple (red) Which smell Divine. The Tangerine Smell sweet and Fruity, slightly acidic and rich, whilst the Red Apple Smells of Candy Apple, a Scent I LOVE. 
 Last but not least, Nutriments has a gift with Purchase Program that meant that I was lucky enough to receive the Apricot Body Dew, a classic Nutrimetics Product, that I love. I swear this will be my go to Spring/Summer Body Moisturiser because it is wonderful. It is a slightly reflective, but in no way shiny, quick absorbing cream, which does not leave you with that slightly wet feeling, but skin so smooth, you wont be able to stop touching it. I believe I will be repurchasing this over and over again. 

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