Sunday, 7 August 2011

Pantene Clinicare Single Does Hair Treatment for Severely Chemically Damaged Hair

 I have very Dry and Chemically Damaged Hair from Years of Bleaching it Blonde and recently colouring a more natural colour, so it is no surprise that I need to take Special Measures to Keep my hair Healthy. Over the years I have Tried Many different solutions for dry and damaged hair and have had varied levels of success. One of my Favourite Products to use was the Pantene '3minute miracle treatment', which I still love, so when Pantene released their Clinicare Lines earlier this year, I was more then willing to give this treatment a go!
 So I Purchased the 5 Pack (one of which I have used sorry) for around $15 from Chemist warehouse (a cheap Chain store of Chemists). I quite like the Packaging, it is very similar to all of Pantene's other Lines but the Gold and Pale blue compliment each other nicely and the reserved products packaging give it a more high end feel.
The way I use this Product is as a hair mask, after I have Shampooed and Conditioned my hair. I apply and leave for 5 Minutes (you can leave it for just three if you want but I prefer a longer time) and then rinse off and then style as normal.

I LOVE this product. It is in essence similar to the '3minute Miracle treatment but I feel I get much better results each use then with the other product. I recommend using this once or twice a week if you have dry and damaged hair, or every one to two weeks if you have normal hair, I'm not sure how this would go in Oily hair but I assume it would be alright to use as it does not leave residue or make my hair oily at all.

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