Saturday, 6 August 2011

UPDATE: Proactiv Solution

OK so if you have read my 'Proactiv' post a little while back you will know I have started to use the system to try and combat my current skin problems that include pimples (not quite Acne), redness, surface oil, black heads and large pores, so basically the whole lot!

any who I thought I had better give a little update on how this has been working for me. So I started the system over a week and a half ago, and although I am aware that this is not a long enough period of time to make a valid statement about this skin care system, I have had some noticeable changes in my skin that I would like to share with you. After the first use I felt as if my PH level in my skin was much better of and there was noticeably less surface oil on my skin, which I was happy with.

after about four days of use my skin felt smoother and like the blemishes I had at the time had somewhat come down in size and the general surface of my skin was better. Now as time wore on, I did develop some more pimples around that areas that are expected because as I hope you know it takes two weeks to form a blemish so I am not away from that threshold yet. That Being said, I did notice that with the pimples that were now coming up, they stayed under the surface, so I have much less redness, but more of a purple tone over the exact spot.

So these have just been my thoughts on the product so far, I will also be doing a Blog post on how to take care of your skin whilst using something so strong after I have better results.

Sorry this was so long but I hope you found it helpful!

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