Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My Most Reached For Products

Whether it be Rain, Hail or Shine, I find myself reaching for the same products over and over, so I thought  I should show you exactly what these products are!

Firstly I tend to Change up my Foundation, but other products used in the routine stay the same, like my Primer. This is the Inika Pure Primer which can be Found HERE. This is a wonderful Organic, Vegan Primer, which as well as being a wonderful base for your make up, is actually good for your skin. This is how the Website Describes it:

"INIKA Pure Primer (50ml) is a certified organic blend that offers protection and hydration for the skin prior to makeup application.

With delectable ingredients such as macadamia oil, avocado and apricot, Pure Primer preps the skin, providing an even canvas for foundation application and improves the staying power of your make-up."

My Favourite things about this product is that it does it's job, you can literally feel it smoothing out your skin. and the scent, a beautiful soft Lavender with subtle undertones of the oils that feature in the Primer  

My Next most reached for product is my Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer ( Bourjois Delice De Poudre) in 51 (which is the Lighter Shade). I cannot say more amazing things about this Product! its soft and silky smooth, a lovely deep bronze and not a hit of orange or muddy brown, it compliments my pale, yellow under toned skin perfectly, and it smells amazing! gah! I use this products to contour and as a blush on my cheeks on occasion, especially on a night out, OH and it has the best staying power!

Another Inika Product is there Mineral Illuminisor, which I actually purchased under the pretences that it was a Champagne colour highlighting powder. It is in actual Fact a very pink Highlighter. At first I really disliked this product, because I was applying as you would a normal highlight and had Pink, shimmery, Unflattering places on my face, but after I tweaked my Foundation Routine a little bit, I found that, applied to my cheeks sort of as a blush, it made my skin look warm and glowy, just stunning, so it allows me to fake it till I make it!

My next most reached for product is something that I've only had for just over two months, so it doesn't really fit the bill, but as it is a lipstick, and I haven't long been wearing lipstick on a regular basis, I think it should be included. This is Revlon's Lustre Lipstick in the Colour 'Melonade' which is a Beautiful Pinkie Coral colour. This has Opaque Coverage but is a very build-able colour is you want it to be. This isn't an overly creamy lipstick (even though it is a creme), I find it to be the perfect consistency for a lipstick. I have worn this almost every day for the last two months.

My last all time most reached for product is my Max Factor 'False lash Effect Mascara' which is a reasonably well known product already, but is my HOLY GRAIL mascara, I cannot imagine not having this in my make up Collection. I highly recommend that you try this at least once, it may not be for you, but this gives me super long, super voluminous, super stunning BLACK lashes.



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