Monday, 8 August 2011


 So im sure buy now you hav heard of The Jeffery Campbell 'Lita' Shoes, or have seen a similar style shoes somewhere, well I LOVE them!

Whether its the Origional Black, or one of the many many colours and styles that have been released, this sturdy and amazingly beautiful shoe just appeals to me! Could you imagine walking in these babies, massive platform, so supprisingly comfortable, thick block heel so none of that wobblyness and full lace up, so no chance of falling off your feet, and they look A-MA-ZING, could you ask for anything more...I think not
 Some on the most interesting designs include these stunning 'cosmic' designs which mesh pink and blue stunningly, and although they have no actual sparkle in them, they just seem to ligh up any outfit. Gah!
 With the more unusual style, these furry shoes seem like a mixture of a fur coat and the basic 'Lita' outline. Although they are not my personal favourite they just ad to the appeal of Jeffery Campbell!
It just seems like Stars and Stripes never get old, but these shoes take this look to a whole new level. These do have more of a 70's roller derby feel, but that just makes them that much better. The Quality and Style is to perfection! and I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do!

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