Saturday, 13 August 2011

Tea Vs Water

Now I hope people don't take this wrong, and by no means do I believe I am an expert on Nutrition or to completely take this at face value, and I do NOT advise that you stop drinking water.

So im the sort of person that drinks a fair amount of water if it with me, I mean I can drink three litres easily, but in Winter, when its cold, I just cant get motivated to drink Water at all. Now you may be aware that I am trying to clear my skin with Proactiv Solution and am aiding it in any way I can, but I just cant drink an adequate amount of water, so the solution I came up with is TEA.

 I've always been a big tea drinker, im kind of addicted, and I love a really large, scolding hot, milky cup  of tea with anything! Now Caffeine is found in tea, so if you don't already drink tea, then don't take it up because of this, but I have been loving getting my daily water in tea form. Where I live it has been very cold and I love nothing more then having a hot cuppa two, three, four times a day, which is probably not the best for me sleeping at night, but I have really been noticing the difference in my skin, due to the antioxidants and the water!
 My Current Favourite Tea's are Dilmah Black tea (pretty standard) and Twinings Chai tea, both with milk, and both boiling hot.

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