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Winter Favourites: Beauty

This is going to be Part one of a two part winter Series about my Winter Favourites. I hope that my Southern Hemisphere readers can look back on what I have loved and what they have loved, and Hopefully this gives my Northern Hemisphere Readers a bit of an Idea for what their Winters Are going to be Like.

So Please enjoy my All things Beauty Winter Favourites

I don't know if everyone has this problem, but my already dry skin gets REALLY dry in Winter, so I always take precautionary measures to keep my skin in reasonable form. This year I have also started using Proactiv Solution to counter-act my blemishes, and that has also added to the dryness of my skin.

So I have started using two products to keep my skin in good health, This first is Innoxa Skin Moist Cleanser (which I love), I use this to remove my face make up (not eye make up) Before I cleanse to make sure that my skin is clear so the cleanser can do its job, and also to ad some moisture back into my skin. I feel like this product has really benefited my skin and stopped any future dryness.
 The other product I have been using to help counter-act dryness is my Olay moisturising cream for sensitive skin. This product is around $15 from Supermarkets and Chemists (Drug Stores). This is a very basic Moisturiser, its fragrance free to be gentle on the skin and it doesn't really do anything special but its just a good cream. I was using the Johnsons Moisturisers in the white tub (the name has slipped my mind) because I wanted a nice thick cream for winter, but that wasn't really doing the trick, so  because I had used Olay before in the past I thought I'd give this a shot and I LOVE it!

As someone with dry skin, but also have surface oil, I know how important a moisturiser is in anyone's routine, and I highly recommend this because it is moisturising, inexpensive, gentle and a really good base for your make up (even though I also use a primer). I wouldn't buy this product for Summer because it is very thick, but if you have been at the beach for a few days and your skin is feeling it then the combination of the Innoxa skin moist cleanser and this cream would be perfect to boot your skin back into shape!
I have Suffered from Dry skin for ever and it is partly my fault because I could never commit to a cream that I felt was working. While I was still at school I was a Legs girl, that's all I would moisturise because, well I didnt have time, but recently I have been working hard to get my skin in shape, and that's where the Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising cream comes in. Aveeno is widely available in Australia and I know it also retails in the US but im not sure about the UK, but if you can I would defiantly check out this brand. Any who, this is a wonderful, strong cream, that I have found to work miracles. Again this is more of a winter product (hence the title of this post) but could be used at night in summer to help with dryness.
Personally I really like the smell of this product but its not everybody's thing, and the smell does linger so if you dislike the smell, then don't get it. It is reasonable inexpensive, being around $16 RRP but there are always deals with these products like 3 for 2 to buy one get on half off so have a bit of a look around. I have been using this most days for about a month and the quality of my skin has improved over 100%, I really do recommend this product
The body shop camomile eye make up remover is a product I have already done a post on that I will link HERE so check that out for my review, but I really do love this product and will use it come Winter or Summer, No matter what!
 Orofluido Hair Elixir Again I have done a post on which is linked HERE and although i have only recently purchased this product for myself, I had used it before and loved it then, and i love it even more now. Im currently doing a little experiment on my hair using this product to see how long the ends of my hair go before I feel they need washing, day 3.5 and I feel I could go another day, but i might break and wash my hair tonight!
Max Factor False lash Effect Mascara and Maybeline Colossal Volum Mascara are the only mascaras im using at the moment and I really do like the combination. Im a die hard Max factor False lash effect user (this I think is the most under rated product ever) and will use it until the day it is taken off the market. But my Current tube is on its last legs so to give it that little extra kick I've been really liking layering it will my Colossal Volum, which in all honesty I do like but I don't believe I will be repurchasing it, at least not yet!
 The most recent product that I have added is my Revlon ColourStay Foundation for Normal to dry skin in Buff which I have had for just over a week, not a long time, I know. Previously I was using Revlon's Photo Ready foundation which was not enough coverage for me and it was far to luminous (for a nice choice of word). Now im all for a dewy complexion but at this stage in my skin care, it just didn't do the trick. So when I needed a new foundation stat, and I only had the choice of Revlon, I thought I'd give it a shot. Now I don't want to do a full review because I don't feel like I have found the right way to use this, but a review is coming.
And Finally, a product that I use everyday, no matter what is my Savvy by Designer Brands eye shadow Duo in StarLight. For those who don't know, Designer Brands is a very cheap brand of cosmetics her in Australia, that I really don't like, I have swathed products from them over and over and failed to like anything (except a lip liner that I only like because it matches a lipstick perfectly), so I wasn't interested when they released this line.
But you know, your in the make up isle and it there, so why not swatch it, and to my surprise, I loved it. The colours are a light shimmery champagne and a rich grey Taupe colour, which both have very nice pigmentation and colour pay off. The formulation is a little rough, which can be expected for the $4 price tag, but when blended correctly they never fail, these don't crease at all and last all day.
I generally use the Champagne colour all over my lid, with the Taupe either blended though my crease and brow bone or as the base crease and outer third colour with a smoky eye. I also very much like the Champagne colour as a highlight on my cheek bones, under the brows, down the centre of the nose and on the cupids bow.
Im sorry this was such a long post with a whole lot a writing, but I do hope you found this interesting and liked the products included.

Bye Dolls x

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