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Inika Cosmetics

Welcome to the Wonderful Organic World of Inika Cosmetics!
 Inika Cosmetics, where do I start. I first Discovered this brand in 2007 when I was at a salon and the Wonderful girl offered a demonstration of there product range, solely including the Inika Cosmetics Range. After my Mum, sister and I had all had a Demonstration and Mini Make over, it was settled, we had to get something  So my Mum got the starter kit (which ill get to in a minute) and I bought a single foundation. After only a few applications I was sold, not to buy another foundation for almost four years.
 I want to tell you a little about the brand. Inika is a wonderful Organic Australian Cosmetics Brand, created by two wonderful Women who loved cosmetics and after a long time searching for natural Make up where the quality was high, created their own 'Inika'. Inika was launched in 2006 and the company has never looked back. From a reasonable sized range in the begging, Inika has added a few new products to there lines, but have never sacrificed quality by rushing to just get more out there. Inika Products are Either 100% Organic or Vegan (or Both) and are Certified Halal and Certified Cruelty free. Now lets get to the Products.

If you are new to Inika or Make up in general, The Starter kit if Most likely your best bet. These come with The Inika Mineral Foundation in two shades, a Summer and a Winter, a Bronzer (the colour depends on you skin tone) and the Inika Kabuki brush (which is AMAZING). These I believe come in three shades Light, Medium and Dark but because these are Mineral Foundations and you get two colours, you can mix and match to find you perfect shade. The bronzer get Darker as the Foundations do, to allow for all different sorts of skin tones.
 Click HERE to be taken to the Inika Website to check out the full product range, as although I have tried most of their Products, I do not have the Full range and have not tried the full range. This is not a Sponsored Post and All of the Products Featured have been paid for myself, with the exception of the Naked Ambition Lipstick, The Black Caviar eye Kohl, the Cream de Casis Cream eye shadow and the Autumn Plum Mineral eye shadow, All of which I won from the Inika Facebook Page (linked HERE) in the 'Romancing the Storm' Limited Edition Collection.
 I have 9 of the Inika Cosmetic Brushes, including the Infamous Kabuki (which is my all time Favourite Brush). I First Purchased the Kabuki in 2007 and used in every day for over 3 years, and due to my lack of Knowledge and my disregard for this product (and the love I gave it) I needed a new one. Earlier this year I re-purchased this brush and I love it just as much as ever, and the new packaging is simply stunning. I also have the Limited Edition Brush Roll with includes a Blush Brush, Two Angled Brushes (a small and a large) a Lip Brush, a Foundation brush, a concealer brush, an eye shadow brush and a brow comb.  My favourites are the Blush brush and the small angled Brush, they do there jobs perfectly.
 Inika's most well known product would have to be there Mineral Foundation, My all time Favourite Foundation. Firstly there is a reasonable colour range, with 9 shades from Grace (for Porcelain to Fair skin) which is my Winter shade to inspiration for darker Brown, Yellow to Olive toned skin. Now although there are 9 shades, you may be very unlucky and not have a match, if this is the case, you can simply mix the two shades you are in between. I am as I said Grace in the Winter and Unity in the summer, but at the moment I am trying to use up my Nurture shade which I had two Summers ago when I was particularly tanned, so I simply blend them together.

This product is Applied with the Kabuki brush, simply tap a small amount into the lid of the container and press the powder in, tap off the excess and blend in a circular motion onto the skin until a desired effect is created. Another Amazing thing about the product is that it can in fact be used as a concealer, if you have and redness, blemishes or discolouration, just dab a small amount over the area and blend with the Kabuki for a flawless look.
Inika has recently added both a Liquid Concelar and and a Liquid Foundation to there collection. The concealer comes in only three shades which is not a great deal, but unless you are super pale or overly tanned or have darker skin, you will be able to find a reasonable match. There is Light, Medium and Dark. I have the Medium concealer, which is far to dark for me now, but in summer it is a very decent concealer. The Liquid Foundation comes in only four shades, Cream, Beige, Honey and Tan, which is not a very large range. I find these to run Dark, as  I have Cream and it is more of summer shade for me, although the Minerals make these blend wonderfully and if you felt like you needed a little bit of colour one day you could easily make it work. 
 The next Product is the Inika Mineral Setting powder, which is a Translucent Powder, designed to Absorb oils when applied over either the Liquid or Mineral Foundations. This is in no way a matte powder, but still allows the radiance to come through without the oily look. This is a good product, but I didn't notice anything special, so if you are not concerned about the ingredients, then this is not the right product for you, but if you have skin allergy's, sensitivities or are ingredient conscience then this is a good choice for you.

Next up is Bronzer, one of my Favourite Additives to any make up Routine. Now like all Inika Products this is a wonderful Product with a very Luxe Feel to it. It is Soft and Glowy, Not Overly Shimmery. This is a very Dark Bronzer and Considering the Pigmentation of all Inika Products, this is a bit strong for my liking, I personally prefer a build-able cheek and contour colour, but that said, I still love this colour, especially in summer when I want a very warm glow.   
Another Favourite Product is the Mineral Illuminisor, I have Previously Blogged about this in my 'Most Reached For Products' Post, but I use this Product where most people would a Blush. Because of my Skin tone I find it hard to wear Blushes, but I have found that using a small amount of this product on my cheeks my skin is more luminance and I look healthier. To read my other Post Click HERE  

 This is the Inika Lipstick in 'Naked Ambition', This was apart of the 'Romancing the Storm' Limited Edition Box set that I did Win. I do quite like the colour of this Lipstick, a semi brown Nude, which is almost a nude your lips but better could (hence the name), However, im not really a fan of the Formulation. I believe that this is like the Setting Powder, if you are very Cautious about what you use on you skin, have allergy's or sensitivity, then this is the product for you, but if you are a cosmetics enthusiasts then these aren't for you. I do wear this from time to time, and I feel like the colour would look better with a Tan. These are almost a matte Finish. These Lipstick come in 8 Shades from Nude to Deep Red, so there is a shade for everyone.

 Now we get to most peoples favourites, Eye Make up. Inika has a wide range of colours when it comes to the eyes, and they all never let me down. Shown Below is Caramel Mineral Shadow and Autumn Plum Mineral Shadow and Creme de Casis Cream Eye Shadow (last two From the 'Romancing The Storm' Collection). I am Ever Becoming a Bigger Fan of the Inika Eye Products. My Favourite right now is the Creme de Casis Cream Shadow But unfortunately these are only Released with Limited Edition Sets, so if you see one, grab it. But I really do love the Two Mineral Shadows I have. I tend to use Caramel all over the Lid with a Cream base to Emphasize the Colour and then with a more Champagne Colour I like to blend Autumn Plum through the crease.
 Now although I didn't Photograph the Caviar Eye Kohl (Top Left), it is defiantly one of my favourite Inika Products, these are soft and Creamy, with great colour Pay off. They easily Blend but keep there black colour. I use this for my smoky eye and sometimes just blend a small amount in along my upper lash line with Creme de Casis for a bit of a more dramatic look. This eye Kohl gives MAC's Smoulder eye Kohl a run for its money.
(Top Left to Bottom Right) Black Caviar Eye Kohl, Naked Ambition Lipstick, Mineral Illuminisor, Sunloving Bronzer, Autumn Plum Mineral eye Shadow, Caramel Mineral Eye Shadow and Finally Creme de Casis cream Eye shadow.

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