Monday, 8 August 2011

SPRING TREND: Muted Colour Blocking

Although Summer is about to come to a close in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring is just about to dawn on us down here and that means things are about to get a whole lot brighter. After having a reasonably dark Winter as far as Fashion goes, The colour Blocking, that was seen with a predominatly Monochrome Palette is about to get a make over.

Colour blocking with brights were massive this season in the Northern Hemisphere, and although it is our turn, it feels a little over done, time for something new, so its time to turn it down a tad, Mute it!

 'Wish' has got this trend down pat, continuing there always beautiful, soft and flowy style, they have added a few harded pieces this season which are all right on trend. Three of the Pieces are Beautifuly Tailored Blazers each in a Stunning Muted tone, including the soft Mauve seen above.
 Slightly Tonning down a bright colour makes it that much easier to wear and to mix into an outfit, and 'Mink Pink' simply softened there normal palette to create this season collection of button up blouses and swing top. This orange shirt is a perfect example of this.
Never one to be Late on anything, Topshop has a large range of Muted tones for their Autumn/Winter season that can easily been translated to Spring if needed. This Blazer is just one of their Pieces (which I LOVE), but whether it be Shirts, Skirts, Shorts or Tops, they have done it all!

Let me know if you try this trend or what you think of it!


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