Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Proactiv Update

Ok so Im so slow at blogging lately its sad, I haven't posted since SUNDAY (crazy)...any way, because I dont have much time I thought I would quickly do a Proactiv Solution Update.

I've now been using the system for over three weeks (how time fly's when your having fun), and I have found a noticeable difference, yes I still do have blemishes and pimples, but its still working its magic. As i have said previously I wasn't expecting miracle or a quick fix, but it is working.

My skin still feels PH balanced but at the moment I have about 12 noticeable blemishes as well as just bad skin, but although that sounds bad, my blemishes have dramatically changed, they no longer come above the surface. At this stage they are still red, and are defiantly still there but they don't raise into the pimples that they once would have, so I am pleased. Im now over the hump and according to previous users, this is when the magic starts to happen, so I will keep you posted, as usual.

Bye bye Lovelies.

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