Thursday, 1 September 2011

Im sure most of you are aware of net-a-porter, but for those who aren't, it is a London Based company that sells a large range of high quality designer goods online, and ships internationally, which if that isn't already good enough, they also offer a TV section, runway trends and an awesome returns policy, as well as being courier delivered to your front door, generally in under 48 hours. 

Now like most of you I havent purchased from Net-a-porter, because unfortunately I cannot afford they majority of the products on a whim. but I love simply keeping in the loop so that one day soon when that to dye for pair or shoes or that ever faithful bag comes up, I will be able to swoop in and it will be mine.

One Last thing, I LOVE Net-a-porters cover art, it changes consistency and it always so which, and so up to date, that this shot, doesn't it just scream high end autumn star! I mean  it doesn't get much better!

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