Thursday, 1 September 2011

Proactiv Update

IM AM SO SORRY! I've been gone for a long time now and I have missed posting so much! I've had a whole lot going on in my personal life and haven't had a single moment near a computer, so here we are.

I know I have been tending to post about proactive a whole lot but I know that there a plenty of people who are unsure if they want to give it a go or not and I hope these posts are helping them.

So I am I believe 6 weeks into my Proactiv Solution and I have received my next three months supply, which is the way Proactiv ships. I did have a slight problem, where they didn't ship my order until after a whole month of using tiny bottles and I has ran out, they say allow 7-10 days shipping, but they should ship 7-10 days before your cycle ends to guarantee that you don't stop using it, and unfortunately u had run out and it was turning up, so on that regard I am slightly annoyed.

Any way besides that I have a had a very bad few weeks and have not been sleeping or eating correctly, combined with stress, and the arrival of my period, im sure its no surprise that I have broken out. Now I am also annoyed at this because after this amount of time I was sure I would see much less when my skin did break out, but I have plenty of pimples. I don't blame Proactiv for my skin, but was expecting slightly more of a result at this stage.

On the other had, I have almost no redness, my skin is a whole lot more PH balanced, I have much less surface oil, and my general skin has a much nicer glow, so I hope that helps!

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