Thursday, 22 September 2011

Revlon Lipsticks (oranges)

So welcome to my first Spring/Summer lip product post. As I have been following the Youtube/blogging scene as well as the trends, I know that the Coral/Orange lip is a MASSIVE trend for this Spring Summer season, so a while back I started to collect a few products that I think are right on trend this season. 

I decided I would make this post a Revlon post because not only do I adore there lip products, but I know that Revlon is readily available all over the world and that is far easier for everybody to relate to. So lets get started!

 I have four lipsticks to show you today, all Revlon, The First (the one in the Gold tube) is a Revlon Living Lipstick in 'Blase Apricot' (215), for those not aware, these are in fact Revlon's most expensive Lipsticks (RRP is around $26.95 here in Australia). The Second is a Super Lustrous Lipstick in 'Melonade' (180), which has sadly been discontinued for now. The Third is again a Super Lustrous Lipstick in 'Kiss me Coral' (750) and Finally again a Super Lustrous Lipstick in Siren (677). All of the Super Lustrous Lipsticks RRP at around $21.95.
 Swatched Left to Right: Blase Apricot, Melonade, Kiss me Coral and Siren. 

Blase Apricot is a very nice Colour, being a muted Coral-ly Pink, This is the Perfect colour for someone who is fine with wearing a Bright Bold lip, but is having trouble with the Orange colour and want's to ease into it. This Lipstick is very Creamy and thick, so if you like to be able to feel your lipstick this is for you. I feel like this coulor would suit a lot of people who have more yellow toned skin, but may be slightly harder to pull of for people with rosy undertones. 

Next, Melonade is a Slightly more Orange Pink, but still only slightly working its way towards the Coral Trend. The lipstick is a whole lot thinner consistency, and although it is a very pigmented Lipstick, it can be Built up, so for someone who isn't totally comfortable with the Bold lip as of yet, this colour is a great place to start. This colour would work well on all skin tones. 

Kiss me Coral is a richer colour then the previous two, being a redy-orange. This Lipstick is perfect for people who want to work their way into the Orange Trend, but they normally wear Reds, so this subtle blend of the two colours will surely help with the transition. This is a very similar to the consistency of Melonade, but is not Build-able in the same way, and can look a little washed out unless fully applied. I feel this colour could work on the majority of skin tones, but may look a little dull on people who have Caucasian Skin, but have a tan, as it may blend in slightly. This colour would look sensational on darker skin tones. 

Finally we have the most Orange Of them all, which is Siren. Siren was released a few months back, as apart of Revlon's Spring/Summer lip Campaign. This is a very True Orange-Coral Colour, that is the most on trend now. I feel like this is the Hardest colour to pull off, because it is so Orange toned. People with Fair, yellow under toned skin can pull this off easily, as well as people with Caucasian skin and a tan, as it would really just ad that wow factor. If you have Darker skin tones, but aren't super dark, I would be weary because it may wash you out and that is not something you want in a lipstick. 
 I thought I would also include two of the Products I like to use in conjunction with these lipsticks. The first is the Revlon Super Lustrous Plumping Gloss in Rosy Pout. The second is the Lanolips coloured lip ointment in Sunshine, which is also stunning.
 Left to Right: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Rosy pout, Lanolips Lip Ointment in Sunshine. 

These colours can be used on there own to just ad that slightly Orange effect, or can be used in conjunction with any of the lipsticks. The Gloss is stunning over any of the Lipsticks to ad a polished look to them, and the Ointment is perfect to have as a lip balm underneath (as it is super hydrating), over the top for a subtle gloss or to help make a sheer coat of the lipstick look a little more finished.

MAC's Lipglass in Pink Lemonade would also work well with any of these lip sticks. 
I hope you enjoyed this Post and hope your all well. X

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